9 Cartoons Which Were Censored To Be Too Gay

9 Cartoons Which Were Censored To Be Too Gay

For many years, animated show need blazed a trail for LGBT representation. But splitting floor isn’t always easy—around worldwide, queer-friendly cartoons have-been censored by sites and federal government agencies as well.

Below, discover nine preferred cartoons that decrease victim to censorship.

“Postcards From Buster”

This PBS tv series was a spinoff of preferred animated collection Arthur. In 2005 episode “Sugartime!” Buster goes on a trip to Vermont, where he meets a lesbian couples just who manage a farm while making maple syrup. (at that time, Vermont was actually among the best reports to supply same-sex home-based partnerships.) In spite of the really tame nature in the event, Bush-era studies Secretary Margaret Spellings criticized the publicly funded community for “promoting the homosexual living.” She commanded the episode be drawn, plus it only broadcast on many programs nationwide.

“You may be chatstep kortingscode assured that in the future the section could be more clear on the objectives for just about any potential development so it financing,” Spellings advised the show’s designers.

“Sailor Moon”

Beloved Japanese anime Sailor Moon at first illustrated Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus as a lesbian couples who often contributed delicate minutes and longing glances.Continue reading